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H.R. 10: “The Wrong Choice Act” - The House Financial Services Committee approved this legislation that would make the CFPB, FDIC, OCC and NCUA subject to the congressional appropriations process, making them less independent and prone to politicization. H.R. 10 would also expose these employees to the Holman Rule, which allows lawmakers to slash the salaries of individual workers to $1, effectively firing them at will. Further, it would curtail the consumer and depositor protection duties of these agencies with the likely result of RIFs and layoffs.


H.R. 10 passed the House of Representatives on 6/8/2017


H.R. 3354: The Interior and Environment Appropriations bill.    This bill is serving as a placeholder for the Omnibus Appropriations bill.  Division D will be added to this bill, which is the Financial Services and General Government bill that passed out of Committee.   That bill would place all of the FIRREA agencies under the appropriations process and cut our pay.  Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) has filed an amendment to strip out the provision that would put FDIC under the appropriations process.  NTEU supports the Ellison Amendment.

Passed the House on 9/14/2017.  This bill includes language that places the CFPB funding in the appropriations process.












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